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KBIA ReCertification

KBIA ReCertification

What you get:

  • Re-Certified Kettlebell Kickboxing Instructor KBIA™
  • Access to Online Portal and Instructor Library
  • Full use of logos and brand power
  • Full use of systems in your training, and your work with studios, clients and gyms
  • Please UPON re-cert, send a letter Dasha L anderson; with your hopes and intentions for the coming year(s) with yourself and the brand. Your goals and and any questions or Portal topic requests that you may have!
  • Updated certificate will be sent to the address that you provide!

If you order digitally your DVDs, Books and Full Program will be emailed to you on INSTANT easily downloadable links.

*Please email us if you did not receive the links, or if your link has expired and allow us 2-24 hours for a reply, but we will take care of the problem.

Feel free to contact with questions, shipping, returns or DVD issues.

If you ordered the limited Physical DVD - your DVDs will only ship mid January (between Jan 15 and 20th) and shipping will take 2-5 days, so please be patient, as physical production of the DVDs will take longer then the Digital Versions.

*You will be notified with a USPS tracking number the moment your DVD ships.